Reviewer’s Comment For Nothing Can Be As Crazy

“A masterful first novel, the book compares to the ‘speaking tree’ that encourages looking within.  Family history unfolds social history in an interesting trajectory. Ajay deftly illustrates how Suresh’s life intersects with society’s events. He is a talented new writer of sense with a distinct sensibility. He takes the reader on an emotional journey into how family and traditions define individual choices in life. It’s a fast read, but its deeper meaning resonates long after the last page.”

                                                                          Prof Nita Jain

Professor of English at Christ Church College, Kanpur University, she lives with her eye-surgeon husband Aditya. Her two daughters are settled in USA with their husbands.

“‘Nothing can be as crazy…’ is a book of dilemmas which happen for most of the individuals in their lifetime. The dilemmas of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘moral values’, ‘ethical issues’, ‘to fight’ or ‘to surrender’ or in the protagonist’s point of view it might be about ‘accepting the system’ or ‘to fight to change the destiny’.

The book is first of its kind books which showcase the journey from the view point of an elite service-class grooming, learning, making mistakes, introspections and juggling of responsibilities & positions.

The writer, Mr Ajay Mohan Jain, has beautifully captured the fun, the frolic, and the candid mischievous activities, especially of young Indian males of his age, which can also be correlated with the present age very well.  The plot goes on a roller coaster ride of breaking the inhibitions, exploring environments, understanding the real-life after college, adjusting with the people, realizing the ever changing colors of life and accepting that the life might not be a fairy tale but surely it is a story to be remembered forever.

The book has so much for youth that it would be proven to be an all-time companion to make yourself more human in dealing with your own life. The book is a masterpiece to be read.
Read it… Live it… Experience it…”

– Ashwini Dixit

Mr. Ashwini Dixit, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and IIM Calcutta, works as a corporate training consultant and is based out of Kanpur.


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