Reader’s Comment For Nothing Can Be As Crazy

Interesting as it resembles with my own life and appeared as if similar situations faced by us during our working are being echoed.

– Laxman Singh, SBI, Mumbai

It’s delighting to read the book.  In fact, you broke open the shell in which we are packed by the system.  As such you became free bird.  Free to express your heart and thoughts.  I can imagine the extent of thrust you required to gather yourself to fight against the social bindings and thrust checks in the name of discipline to write this book.  It’s not easy to express honest about oneself.  This is praise worthy and teaches us how to shed the artificial and hypocritical checks which we wear the whole life.

Your observation to the minutest happening around you and then to express that in words which are gluing the reader are worth appreciation.

Your expression is very sensitive with precision.

Anyway, everything is great.  A great work.

– Pradeep Khattri, Entrepreneur, Kanpur

It’s amazing!

– Sheeba Aslam Fehmi, UGC, New Delhi

It runs like a movie and you can’t leave in between. So absorbing. Flow is fantastic. Excellent debut novel! Wish Mr Jain had taken this venture earlier.

– Madhusudan B.K., Vijaya Bank, Bangalore

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