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Na Ghar Ke, Na Ghat Ke    ना घर के, ना घाट के Ajay Mohan Jain (21.04.17) Premarital sex generally is taboo in old generation where as it is done thing and sign of modernity / sign of advancement in the present generation.   Na Ghar Ke, Na Ghat Ke    ना घर के, ना घाट […]

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Reviewer’s Comment For Nothing Can Be As Crazy

“A masterful first novel, the book compares to the ‘speaking tree’ that encourages looking within.  Family history unfolds social history in an interesting trajectory. Ajay deftly illustrates how Suresh’s life intersects with society’s events. He is a talented new writer of sense with a distinct sensibility. He takes the reader on an emotional journey into how […]

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Reader’s Comment For Nothing Can Be As Crazy

Interesting as it resembles with my own life and appeared as if similar situations faced by us during our working are being echoed. – Laxman Singh, SBI, Mumbai It’s delighting to read the book.  In fact, you broke open the shell in which we are packed by the system.  As such you became free bird.  Free to express your heart and […]

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Comments For Nothing Can Be Crafty

On Amazon  5.0 out of 5 stars Must read for bankers. Interesting plot. Ajay maintained suspence till end. Life in bank and Cal portrayed realistically. Looking forward for his next. CSCM SANKARA RAO 5.0 out of 5 stars  Amazing read By AJ Very engrossing read – holds your attention till the very end. And yet […]

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– Releasing the book (L to R) – Prof Harish Chandra, Padamshri Giriraj Kishore, Chief Guest Sh A.K. Mitra, author Ajay Mohan Jain, Sh Tariq Ibrahim

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